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Barracks not able to recruit troops

My  barracks in Dark Marshes  can no longer recruit troops while updating. This  just  started  today and is a major  problem if this continues moving  forward.


  • Yolanta (US1)Yolanta (US1) Member Posts: 3
    I had this problem once. It went away when the barracks upgrade was complete. And I know others who have had the same problem sporadically in a realm when upgrading the barracks there. 
  • Saimaidar (US1)Saimaidar (US1) Member Posts: 421
    Used  to have a similar problem  where the barracks would produce  troops like it was a  first level  barracks during upgrades  this  was  new and  far worse..

    After  maintenance the barracks started working normally again.
  • Raffles (US1)Raffles (US1) Member Posts: 335
    Yes, this used to happen regularly, then it stopped happening until just very recently.
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