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helpful hints

i would like to make a suggestion ,,,i think that if you would go back to when the whole castle burned when you were attacked and defeated,,,the game would become way more interesting and it would slow things up for everyone.the game has moved so fast it has become boring,,,besides the fact look at the money gg would make ,you guys know that theses people would never quit the game having invested so much time and money that they have spent,,,,,and also if you takes your troops out of your castle when being attacked there should be some kind of point deduction or more hits ratio on the castle burn that would make you not want to pull your troops from castle when you do so not to lose troops ...because we all know that people do that often to not lose troops and to not give any honor to other alliances ,,,,some changes definately need to be made to the game because the game has become way to easy for people who know the ins and the outs of legends of honor..thank you good games for listening and i hope these were helpful hints


  • Saimaidar (US1)Saimaidar (US1) Member Posts: 421
    Yes lets spend  four  to five days  repairing our castles because that is so much fun, Thank you but hell ****ing  no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • Saimaidar (US1)Saimaidar (US1) Member Posts: 421
    One other thing this game was billed as a FREE to PLAY, fast paced strategy game not a snail race or  who has the bigger   credit card  limit.
  • Rambo4 (US1)Rambo4 (US1) Member Posts: 225
    Give food for fucks sake when you do maintenance, pretty sure I suggested this a long time ago. I don't build troops just to starve every time the server goes down or maintenance happens. Don't just pause the food either, as I won't necessarily be on whenever maintenance finishes, like I would have been during it to farm.

    Just give players maxed out food storage, so players don't starve every time.
  • Kaochinx (US1)Kaochinx (US1) Member Posts: 18
    Im with Rambo.
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