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Update: Equipment tiers.

Nono Le RobotNono Le Robot Community Manager Posts: 28


  • Equipment Tiers 
    • Equipment can now be Tiered up to further improve the pieces.

    • This will cost crafting materials, and will have a 100% success rate.
  • The Tier can only be upgraded once the piece of Equipment has reached the max level of the previous Tier, and the item quality will return to level 1 once the Upgrade is complete.
  • Upgrading Tiers will of course have an effect on the items stats, and will even add a new stat in some cases! 

 User Interface / Gameplay 

  • Help menu button
    • In every text dialogue window, you will find the "Help menu" button leading you to a window where you can find interesting and important information about the game. 
  • Shield of Peace on the World map

    • Shield of peace icon will now also be displayed on the World map. 
    • It will be even easier to protect your castle, when you see the enemies on the horizon.  
  • Numbering Alliance members

    • All alliance members will have numbers in the Alliance member tab.
    • This feature will make the life of the leaders and their deputies easier when they need to coordinate actions and check if space is available for new members. 
  • Arrow for upgradable buildings

    • You can distinguish buildings available to upgrade to help you better plan improvements.  


  • Relocation
    • The cooldown for free relocation was increased to 3 days. 
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