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Additional Content for Today's Update

CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
The update will be going live today, and I am happy to announce that we were able to squeeze in a feature we have been waiting to put in for a while!

The raging war has stirred an ancient evil that until now has existed only in whispered myths. These Dragons have emerged from their flaming abyss, unable to deny their lust for human flesh any longer. Does your Alliance have what it takes to send these devilish creatures to their fiery graves? 


  • Monster Hunting Event!
    • We have added an exciting new Monster Hunter event camp outside your castle!

    • Powerful Dragons will spawn on the World Map once the event begins, and they must be defeated to gain points. We will introduce you other creatures at a later point.

    • These ancient creatures are extremely powerful, but Fear not as attacks on them can be supported by your Alliance! 

    • New condition will also be implemented in the Alliance Chivalry Tournament. 

    • Defeating Dragons will earn your alliance chivalry medals during the Tournament, and Rewards will be given for milestones reached and reaching high positions in the final event Ranking.

Please keep in mind that the event will not begin directly after the update. You will have to wait a little while longer before you go Dragon hunting!

Leave any feedback or questions you might have in THIS DISCUSSION.


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