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Moving castle



  • Cromwell (GB1)Cromwell (GB1) Member Posts: 1
    I have refreshed many many times.  due to this not being an isolated problem and many users affected ..... tickets submitted and no emails back with reference number or anything else.  Is it time to look at the problem your end yet?

    Game is unplayable whilst not able to relocate is all and no point in continuing if you don't address this problem.  I see people speaking about this 2 months ago??

    I have reported the problem about being unable to move my castle for the last week and nothing has been done. I have sent several tickets in and nothing. I have spent money on the game and now wish I hadn't. If this is how they treat players then they should be ashamed of themselves. Obviously a bunch of incompetents 
  • Jillian (NL1)Jillian (NL1) Member Posts: 224
    There are some limitations on moving a castle;

    You can't move next to another castle, and you can't move "outside" of the active playfield (which you can't really see)

    Essentially this means:

    If you try to move somewhere, where there are no castles nearby, its outside of the playfield. You can however find the nearest castle, and move next to it (maybe not on the first tile you try, but atleast one of tiles that surround that castle. (don't forget there has to be 1 tile inbetween the place you move, and the castle your moving next to))
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