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Community Guidelines

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These Community Guidelines serve to keep the peace in our forums and create an environment that we can all enjoy. We encourage all of our users to read these guidelines carefully, and to keep them in mind when posting. 

Repeated violations of these guidelines could result in a player receiving a warning, or in extreme cases, being banned.

The word of the Board Staff is final

The Board Staff (Community Managers and Moderators) are legitimized representatives of Goodgame Studios, and as such are responsible for upholding the forum rules and terms and conditions, whilst also ensuring that general law is followed. They may warn or take action against any users that violate the above in order to preserve a positive climate on the Forums.
Furthermore, they may edit, move or delete content as per the agreed forum rules. 
Complaints about the Board Staff should be made directly to the Moderators or Community Managers via private message and any public discussions regarding issues with them may be removed.

Respect Others

Discussions may come to disagreements, which is completely fine, but these disagreements turning to attacks or derogatory comments against others will not be tolerated in our forums.

Posts or comments made with the intention of attacking or demeaning another player due to their opinion, language/spelling, gender, sexuality, religion or person as a whole will be punished.

Other points that will not be tolerated include (but are not exclusive to):
  • Inconsiderate or discriminative behavior towards other players (insults, defamtory remarks, threats, harassment, vulgarities, obscene or violent content, racism or offensive behaviour towards other countries or cultures)
  • Propaganda and petitions
  • Abuse of the flagging function
  • Other inappropriate, offensive or provocative behavior

General rules for creating topics and posts

Discussions should have a clear, relevant title and be posted in the correct section according to the content (the search function can help you find existing threads on the same issues!).

Posts in the discussion should follow the original topic of the first post/title of the discussion.

Off-topic posts may be moved or removed.

The following content is considered Spam and can be removed or punished accordingly:
  • Meaningless random statements, spelling corrections, strings of smiley faces or other random content.
  • Double and multiple posts.
  • The revival of old discussions without new content relevant to the discussion (necroing)
  • Posting in threads to bring attention (Bumping)
  • Posts that contain no new information and consist only of smileys or short phrases like “I agree”

Multiple posting of the same discussion in different boards is forbidden (cross-posting)

The deliberate creation of discussions that are not intended to be productive, but rather intend to disturb particular users or the general forum environment (Trolling) is punishable

You can discuss pretty much anything in the Off-Topic area, but the above rules still apply, and the spamming of images/videos will be dealt with accordingly

Mentioning product names, websites, services or other brands/games is only allowed if the intention is not purposefully to advertise.

Discussion or advertisement of other browser or mobile games is prohibited, as is the publication of alleged ‘hacks’, ‘cracks’ or other illegal software intended to manipulate our games.

The Law still applies to these forums, and no unlawful content may be posted.

Constructive Criticism

Criticism is always welcome, but it should remain relevant and constructive at all times. Any criticism that attacks players, Board Staff or Goodgame Studios on a personal level may be deleted.
Protection of Privacy

To protect the privacy of all players, no private details (name, age, email address, passwords, contact information, private photos, etc.) may be posted on the forums. However, well justified cases may be allowed if brought to the attention of the Community Manager, and with the permission of the user.

Private messages, chat logs and e-mails should not be published. This includes e-mails between yourself and employees of Goodgame Studios (primarily our Support Team).

Use of Multiple Forum Accounts

Although several game accounts can be created, each player must only actively use one forum account.

The use of multiple forum accounts to participate in discussions and competitions, as well as the use of multiple identities (for example, to back up their own opinion) are prohibited.

Bypassing these rules will cause these accounts to be locked, and could result in further actions against the original account.

The transfer or sharing of accounts with other players is prohibited.

Infractions, Warnings and Account Suspensions

Whether accidental or deliberate, breaches of the guidelines or terms and conditions may be punished with infractions or warnings.

Not all punishments will result in a ban. Each case will be considered individually, and action will be taken as is deemed necessary in the situation according to the Community Guidelines.

All infractions will be communicated privately by the Board Staff to the players via private message.

Please refrain from warning users directly yourself. You can contact our Board Staff (Moderators or CMs) and report cases to them with a link or screenshot if possible.

If a post is edited by a member of our Board Staff, it should not be changed back.

Signature Rules

Signatures should be inconspicuous and not take up too much space.

The maximum size for signatures is 550x170 px

If a graphic is used for the signature, please refrain from adding more than 3 lines of text in a small font size to it.

Usage Rights

By registering for the Forums, each user gives Goodgame Studios the unlimited rights to use any content published on the forums.

This right includes the rights of reproduction, distribution, translation and editing.

Note: These guidelines may be expanded on or changed as needed. We will always notify you if anything is changed!
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