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IRON resource.

How do you produce IRON. it was just added in this latest update.


  • KINGTHOR (US1)KINGTHOR (US1) Member Posts: 3
    so far i have only been able to find IRON from the new Marauders. The one with the red beard.
  • KINGTHOR (US1)KINGTHOR (US1) Member Posts: 3
    Iron production is done at the ice storm mountains. that is the only place other then stealing it.
  • I'm sorry... I guess it's stupid question, but I'm new at this game and I cannot find the option to transfer the iron from Ice Storm mountains town into my first town at The High Kingdom... Can someone help me with that please...
  • Owl (AU1)Owl (AU1) Member Posts: 14
    kingdom overview last icon on bottom thing
  • You can attack people who would be at a level at which they'd have a castle in the Ice Mountains and loot them and hope for iron, but it's less painful to send it to the High Kingdom from the Mountains. It takes two hours though, and costs silver.
  • Raffles (US1)Raffles (US1) Member Posts: 335

    @William Walace (INT1)

    On the menu bar at the bottom of your window, where you find Hero Information, Construction, etc, at the far right end of that bar is a banner with either a snowflake, green leaf, or crossed bones on it. That is the icon that opens the "send resources" function.

    Say you want to send iron to the High Kingdom. On the row that says High Kingdom, click on "Send Resources" red button. if you are in Ice Kingdom when you do this, then just look down the list of resources to the icon that looks like a bar of iron. Slide the counter to the right, and you will see on the left what you have in Ice Mts, on the right what you have in High K, and how it changes as you slide that counter. A little box in the middle shows you exactly how much iron you are loading to send.

    When you have the right amount, click the "Send" button bottom right of the window. It takes 2 hours by normal transport, or you can speed it with gems.

    Units and unit boosters can be shipped the same way, but not heroes.

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