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food production inaccurate

Hi All,

I started playing L o H a while ago and I really like the game.  there is just on major thing that is very anoying.  I am not sure if it is a bug or something else.

I have 10 farmhouses, level 5 each.  According to what the info tab says, this should mean I have a production of 2000 * 10 = 20k / h of food.  Yet if I check then I only get about 8500 / h.  This is less then half of what supposed to be.  So this mean ever night a big part of my army simply dies because of lack of food.  How is this possible??  Is it a bug in the game?

If it is then why not fix it, I have seen other posts in the forum dealing about the same topic.
If it is no bug, then why not change the info tab in the farm houses t  so it give the real amount food produced?  Now it is a very anoying thing.



  • Raffles (US1)Raffles (US1) Member Posts: 335

    Okay, first - there are bugs, including perhaps this one, but Good Games is not going to fix anything else on the PC version.

    Second, your food production is influenced by happiness and by fires, so make sure all your towers are fixed and see if your happiness is in the negative.

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