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Has anyone figured out which villains or villain levels are more likely to have leather.  Leather is key to upgrading equipment so it seems there should be a way of hunting for it.  But It seems very rare and random to me --  has anyone identified a pattern.   


  • Aero13 (DE1)Aero13 (DE1) Member Posts: 68
    The pattern is:
    * Each villain in Ice Storm and Marshes bigger as Level 32 will drop one piece of Leather, if you kill them.

    Another source is the treasure cave, but that's more random.
  • cyranodeberg (US1)cyranodeberg (US1) Member Posts: 11
    Thanks for the help
  • WingedAngel (US1)WingedAngel (US1) Member Posts: 3
    the leather thing i.e. finding and gathering for equipment upgrade is a joke.  like i get some if i get lucky in the cave, i get one for killing a villain like i have to kill 700 villains above level 32 to upgrade one item.  this looks like a ploy to get some to spend money. us little guys are the lifeblood of the game give us a break the guys with money will still spend
  • Aero13 (DE1)Aero13 (DE1) Member Posts: 68
    It's a little bit time consuming, yes but it does work well. 
    There is no possibility to buy leather with real money.
  • TerrorKing (NL1)TerrorKing (NL1) Member Posts: 7
    question does anyone knows which piece of equipement you need to upgrade to Tier 3 for to carry extra troops on your hero. i know the armor against players has a good ratio to get extra troops when you upgrade to tier 2.
  • Aero13 (DE1)Aero13 (DE1) Member Posts: 68
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    LevelUp items to Tier 3 will only increase the stats which are already there. Also update von tier 3 to Tier 4.
    So you will see very soon, if the equipment will have extra troop carriage, or not. Just by updating from Tier 1 to 2.

    Also as I've observed only Helmet, boots and Chest have a chance to give you extra troop carriage, other parts will only increase Unit Booster stats.

    Edit: replaced Gloves with boots, thanks to @tim leary (US1)

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  • verity (US1)verity (US1) Member Posts: 20
    I think it is crazy to only give one piece of leather for killing villains,  maybe it should be for levels in the 30's 1 piece, 40's 2 pieces, 50's 3 pieces, and 60's 4 pieces.  what is the point of killing higher level villains if you don't get higher level leather.  also the amount of fur given for dragons is ridiculously low.  why don't you get some honor for attacking dragons too.  I find them an extreme waste of troops for as little as you get for them.  what is fur being used to up grade in the equipment everything I have up graded takes leather.  so what is the point of the fur?  at the rate of gaining the leather, i'll be 90 before I can upgrade my equipment.  also there needs to be an understanding made of how important the up grades are. do you upgrade everything or just some things.  I see others with million dollar heros in dm.  mine has all kinds of equipment but my hero cant carry that many troops.   I fail to understand how this equipment is working. also other tell me they get leather from the caves, I have only gotten leather twice from the caves.  there has to be a way to make it more even.  let say every fifth time you enter the cave you get leather.  
  • tim leary (US1)tim leary (US1) Member Posts: 10
    @verity the fur is needed to upgrade equipment to t4. i think you will need 380 fur to upgrade to t4 and 3424 leather. for t5 you will need 1823 fur and 10332 leather. also boots give troop cap not gloves.
  • DlanorOmis (US1)DlanorOmis (US1) Member Posts: 1
    The most ridiculous thing is the paltry amount of leather you get when you kill a dragon. It's skin is LEATHER! You should get enough to make a tent, a dozen pair of boots and 50 pairs of gloves!

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