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I feel I have to share with you a tactic which has been put to very good effect by an alliance group against my small alliance. This tactic is what my alliance refer to as the PACK ATTACK.

This attack consists of the following steps;

1.       Have agreement within your alliance and with the other alliances in your Group to use this tactic.

2.       Select your target, usually a small alliance or group of alliances.

3.       Split your alliance into teams of 5.

4.       Select the order in which the alliances within the group are to hit the target castles.

5.       Agree the handover method between Alliances to maintain the attacks on the chosen targets.

6.       Send in the first attack of 5 Hero’s to each of the target castles until destroyed. (note if the chosen target castles are lower than your level then assign a player who is within the 5 level range to initiate the attack then the others can join in as you are supporting the lower level player and not attacking so you should not loose Honour points)

7.       If the castle survives the first attack, then the 5 players send in their second Hero to attack. This should destroy the target castle.

8.       Assign 1 or 2 players to keep watch on the target castles to alert the others when the shield of peace comes down (either after 1 hour or when the player attacks another player)

9.       Send in another attack to destroy the castle again.

10.   Have teams of rovers actively looking for any of the victim’s hero’s that are not in their castle and destroy them.

11.   When the first alliance runs out of troops the next alliance takes over.

12.   If each alliance has been allocated a time slot, then at the appointed time the next alliance takes over.

13.   Repeat steps 6 to 12 until your desired result is achieved.

It should be noted that during the tag time the alliance that has just finished their attack period take this downtime to rebuild their troops, upgrade their buildings and normal game play to take part in the tournaments, etc.

The effect of this method of attack is as follows (please note that my alliance has been subjected to these attacks continually since Saturday 7 May and they are still ongoing);

1.       All your troops in the castle are destroyed. When they find the Hero’s out of your castle all your troops are destroyed.

2.       If you are able to produce troops in your castle they are not enough to protect your castle from the next set of attacks.

3.       Various buildings in your castle are set alight reducing your subject’s happiness, this means that you are not producing goods as efficiently (notably food and coin) and it takes you longer to produce new troops.

4.       If you put out the fires within the 1-hour protection shield as soon as it is down, they are on fire again. This eats up precious resources reducing your ability to play the game.

5.       Because you have no troops you cannot participate in the daily and weekly tournaments this in turn reduces the free goodies that you and your alliance get from this event. (note these attacks do not produce the necessary chivalric points needed for this event).

6.       If you come on to the game at different times of the day only to find that you are on fire it can be very disheartening to some players.

The options you have to combat these pack attacks are;

1.       Surrender and give in to the alliance group carrying out these attacks, to most players this would not be considered an option but to others it would be just so that they could have some peace to play the game.

2.       Move to a different area of the map (note they can follow you and continue these attacks)

3.       Join a larger alliance or become part of another alliance group to try and protect yourself and your alliance.

4.       If you are so disillusioned with this type of tactic you could always leave and move to another games provider to find a strategy game that you do enjoy.

There may be some players out there that think that it is not allowed as it could be considered as online bullying but unfortunately the official response is;

This is technically not against the rules, although it is not a very honorable or fun way to play the game”

So happy gaming and hopefully you and your alliance do not have to endure this form of attack.


  • there is also the mass port and attack an area tactic: where a large portion of an alliance ports to different areas every day attacking as many castles as possible before porting to the next area it is very effective on US1 server :s
  • Drake (INT1)Drake (INT1) Member Posts: 33
    It is a war game and not a trading game.

    It is also ruled by the coiners who can buy the gems to port themselves around the map and to buy as many high level troops as possible.
  • 438164G (GB1)438164G (GB1) Member Posts: 16
    eventually if you hang around the attackers up level 10 times and are unable to hit you without a loss of honour, it sucks i know 
  • VannaVyper (GB1)VannaVyper (GB1) Member Posts: 9
    Yup.  Happened to me last night while I slept. Waves of attacks until my castle was sacked. Guess some players are intimidated by an account less than 24 hours old :P
  • Raffles (US1)Raffles (US1) Member Posts: 335
    Yup.  Happened to me last night while I slept. Waves of attacks until my castle was sacked. Guess some players are intimidated by an account less than 24 hours old :P

    your castle was less than 24 hours old and it took waves of attacks to sack it?
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