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Attack During Upgrade

If an attack occurs while a Unit Upgrade is in Progress, does that Upgrade fail,  and if so, is the cost of that upgrade lost?


  • Tybalt (INT1)Tybalt (INT1) Member Posts: 97
    edited 09.04.2016
    I do not think it affects them in anyway. Upgrades only take effect once they are complete so that being the case i would have to say no. 
  • If you're being attacked, and especially if it's a battle you can't win, it's a good idea to spend as many resources and coins as possible. If you spend it, it can't be looted. This includes research, recruitment and building Unit Boosters.
  • Raffles (US1)Raffles (US1) Member Posts: 335
    I used to do that, but then would find myself unable to afford the repairs after being burned. Although it smarts to have one's coin and resources stolen, it might be smarter to just hope they leave enough for you to rebuild.
  • Foxmore (US1)Foxmore (US1) Member Posts: 66

    I have also found the less resources I have, the more coin gets taken..... and as the coins are needed to heal troops, maybe it is better to let them have the resources and save your coins for healing troops......

    with all due respect and honor,


    with all due respect and honor, Foxmore
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